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Maggie Jinks

Dr. Maggie Jinks grew up in a small town in Ohio. Following her graduation from the University of Notre Dame, she worked as a research technician at Biscayne National Park and later for the University of North Carolina’s Institute for Marine Sciences. While working in North Carolina, Dr. Jinks decided to combine her love for science and animals and attended North Carolina State University for veterinary school. While she had planned to work with fish following graduation, during veterinary school she discovered her love for the eye and changed her plans to specialize in ophthalmology. Following veterinary school, Dr. Jinks continued her training at Colorado State University and the University of Mississippi. She completed her residency in comparative ophthalmology at the Ohio State University and obtained a Master of Science degree while there. Throughout her training, Dr. Jinks completed and published multiple research projects, including her Master’s project, which investigated the development of antibiotic resistance to topical eye drops.

Dr. Jinks thoroughly enjoys interacting with both her patients and her clients. She has a passion for helping clients understand disease processes so their pets can get the best care possible. When not working, Dr. Jinks enjoys snorkeling, scuba diving, painting, and skiing. She also enjoys spending time with her husband and two dogs, Kiwi and Mango.