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Appointment Policy / 1st Visit Tips

Appointments are made through reception at each of our individual offices. You may request an appointment by calling the office where you wish to have your pet seen or via our website through the "Request an Appointment" section. We work very closely with primary veterinarians in order to provide the best care for our patients and as such the majority of appointments we see are through referral. However, if you feel your pet is in need of a specialist appointment we do take appointments without referral.

For first time patients we ask you to arrive at the office approximately 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time so that you have time to fill out the necessary paperwork. We will ask you to fill out a New Client form so we can enter you and your pet into our client/patient list. Additionally, we will have you fill out of a form which asks you questions regarding the concern(s) that you have, what medications are currently being administered, medical history, other pets you may have etc. If you would like to save time, you may click on the link to these forms on this page and print and fill them out at home. Please remember to bring the filled out forms with you.

If you have medications for you pet please ensure that they are listed on the forms for new clients or bring them with you. If your pet is a current patient of ours, please ensure you know whether your pet needs a refill of the medications. Additionally, if your pet has started new medications since its last visit please ensure you inform us of these changes.

Please bring with you any pertinent medical history such as blood work, lab results, most recent eye exam notes from your primary veterinarian and most importantly your pet!

Each of our new appointments are approximately 20 minutes but depending on our findings this may be shorter or longer. A typical recheck appointment is 15 minutes or less if your pets eye health is significantly unchanged or if there are no concerns. Should we notice a change in your pets health or have concerns the appointment could be longer.

We often get asked who should have an eye exam and our general rule of thumb is that all pets starting at 5 years of age should have yearly eye exams so that we can monitor for changes in eye health which can have significant impact on your pets life. Should you notice squinting, eye discharge, redness, cloudiness, vision changes, etc prior to this age we recommend an immediate exam.

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